The Artist:
Gustavo Tozzo-Jaime

Gustavo has been a performing artist all his life. A Dancer from age 7, turned professional at the age of 14, originally a Classical Ballet Dancer, moved into the world of Musical Theatre, performed for 22 years until he retired from the stage at the age of 36 to concentrate on teaching. Later in life joined the Jazz music world in Sapporo, and has performed as a Jazz Singer for the last 21 years. Accompanied by some of the best musicians in Japan, performing in Theatres, Night Clubs, Jazz Clubs and many different venues on a regular basis. Since February 2019 Gustavo joined the Swing Heart Jazz Orchestra (Sapporo, Japan) as their male vocalist.

Since 2011, Gustavo has been the main Master of Ceremonies for Pietra Serena, a High Class Restaurant Wedding venue in Sapporo. Accompanied by some amazing musicians such as the Toshiaki Yamada Jazz Trio, / Pianist, Singer & Composer Momoko Saito, / Pianist & Singer Herbert Tuason. / Pianists: Yasushi Yamashita, Satoshi Takashima, amongst others at the parties he entertains. Also performs MC work at Jardin de Bonheur and La Blanche Maison, all in the city of Sapporo, also owned by Sowa Weddings, of the Sowa Project Co.Ltd.

"Every note I sing, every party I entertain, every couple whose party I am involved with, I do it all from the overflow of the heart, as I know not any other way"

— Gustavo Tozzo-Jaime
MC Work

Sowa Weddings

Jazz Singer

Swing Heart Jazz Orchestra

Jazz Singer

Various bands and solo musicians


Pietra Serena. Jardin de Bonheur. La Blanche Maison. Sapporo.