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Gustavo Tozzo-Jaime

Hello, and welcome to my website. I am really glad you got to find me, and are interested in knowing about my work

Here (a work in progress at the moment) you will find information on my career as a Dancer/Entertainer/Singer/MC.
Shows, photos, blog... it's all coming together now to give you more information on upcoming events. Keep coming back and checking my info on live performances, and support my work by attending our various Live Concerts.

Drop me a line if there's any queries you might have. Look forward to hearing from you.



Upcoming Shows

Swing Heart Jazz Orchestra with Gustavo Tozzo-Jaime
Jazz Live @ Fiesta.

Saturday, February 22

Party House Fiesta
Saturday, February 22, open at 18:30 Hrs, Start at 19:00 Hrs
Tickets: ¥2000 (inc 1 drink)
Reservations at:
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会場:パーティ-ハウス・フィエスタ 札幌市中央区南3条西1丁目3-3マルビル2F
Tel: 011-211-4546

Look forward to having you all there to enjoy great music with us!

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